Married for 29 years to Kathryn

 1 daughter, Jennifer

 My home is in Storrs, CT

OCCUPATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL: Retired in '97 from administrative, academic and finance position at the University of Connecticut

PET PEEVE: Many politicians, journalists, lawyers and judges

MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR TODAY'S YOUTH:  Have the courage to take full advantage of all that life, especially in America, has to offer.  Give back more during your life than you take, do so with a sense of humor.

P.S. Do no irreversible harm to yourself or others.

FAVORITE SONG TITLE:  Too many to list at this point in my life.  I like particular songs from a variety of styles rather than a particular style or astist(st)


 THEN: There is no limit as to what society can do to "fix" people's lives.

 NOW:  There is a very substantial limit.

(ED. NOTE: Dick also observes that although life is not always fair, he believes you essentially get out of it what you put into it.)

MOST SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENT: Twenty-nine years of marriage combined with raising (with lots of luck) a terrific daughter.

HOPE YET TO DO:  Live long enough to get to know any grandchildren I may have in the future, travel to each of the seven continents, circumnavigate the world, and ski in two feet of freshly fallen powder snow in Colorado, Wyoming and California


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