Miriam Hamilton Crump AKA Crumpit1@Juno.com



Miriam's daughter, Michelle

and her son, James.




 Married for 40 years

2 children

My home is in San Angelo, TX


OCCUPATIONAL/PROFFESSIONAL:  Semi-retired--work 3 days a week monitoring burglary

and fire alarms


PET PEEVE: When someone doesn't leave a little bit of toilet paper hanging off the roll so you

have to keep spinning until you find the end!


MOST  IMPORTANT  MESSAGE FOR TODAY'S YOUTH:  Have fun; do all the things you'd

like to do -don't wait!


ESSENTIAL TRUTHS:  You can't do what you like when you are over 50!



MOST SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENT: My long marriage and my kids.


HOPE YET TO DO: I'd like to get to California, just once!


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