Maryann Travers Brumbelow


2652 Compass Drive

Annapolis MD

Tele - 410-923-2403


Favorite activity:  Traveling and quilting

Since our last reunion Maryann has a greater appreciation for the medical community.

There are still places to visit. 

She would like to still visit all 50 states and has 12 to go.

The accomplishment she is most proud of is 44 years of marriage and a great daughter.

The happiest place for Maryann is Edisto Island, SC

Her family and friends, and good health, make her the happiest.

Her favorite movie is 'Gone with the Wind' and 'The Long Grey Line'

Maryann's pet peeve is - frustration with today's technologies

Her favorite sayings are:  "Shit happens" and "This too shall pass"

Maryann has this  important message to ell today's youth and seniors,               "Maintain your health."

Four places that Maryann has visited are:                                                          Turkey, Japan, Thailand, and 38 of the 50 states.


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