Linda Greenrose Comando

A/K/A this is difficult!  What can I say about myself?

I am still short and I am still hanging out in the mountains!

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Married for 28  years to Frank.

Children:  (5 children) Laura, Eugene (Gene), Janna, Frankie and Joseph

Grandchildren:  6 living grand'kids and one angel:  (Michael-our second grandchild,  passed away in '93 at the age  of  three).  Our grandchildren are:  Danny, Jr., Catelyn, Joshua, Brianna, and the twins Brandon and Robert, Jr.. Since our last reunion, we now have a great granddaughter, Alexandria!

Our home is in:  Sundown, NY

OCCUPATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL:  From Secretary  to Administrative Assistant/Housewife/Mother/Grandmother/and at long last, Graphic Designer!

I finally went back to college in 1998 to get my degree in Commercial Art. Although I can't be a "beatnik" in the Village as I wanted to be in l962 (wound up on Wall Street, instead!), I now live 20 miles from "THE " Woodstock, and can finally say, "I'm an artist!"

I do mostly graphic design/advertising and web sites, but I find a few moments here and there to dabble in the "real stuff".

PET PEEVE: Having thought I gave up on these, I decided a pet was much better to get peeved at. (Actually, she's pretty good, so I'm not too peeved! She's a terrific little Pekinese named Kina.).  Now that the children are grown up, however, I am peeved because I have to take my turn taking out the garbage.  (This is somewhat off-set by my not having as many dishes to wash, of course!)

MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR TODAY'S YOUTH:  Learn all you can when you are young so you can afford to do all the things you want to do while you have the energy. We know life works backward: Once you are older and can afford to do some of the things you wanted to do earlier in your life, you don't have the energy!

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
 " I'll Be Seeing You"
 "My Life Has Been A Tapestry"

Then - I prepared (like the rest of us) to act out my life story. I believed, that "some day my prince would come", that we would fall in love, get married, and have all those wonderful "toys" that I learned to play with as a child-but that they would be real-an iron, pots & pans, vacuum cleaners, etc.  Naturally, we would have a family and live happily ever after; like they did in  Pleasantville! And now, I do have that wonderful husband who swept me off my feet! We married and had a family and we had real babies with real diapers who shed real tears. I had more toys to play with than I could have imagined: pots & pans, dishes (a few sets, actually), and dishpan hands to boot, the latest microwave to cut cooking time in half, and more, just like the rest of you gals. I truthfully believed that that was how to become a "woman fulfilled".
Now - First, that my parents were probably right most of the time. Second, that love is not just "warm and fuzzy'. Third, whatever I seemed to worry about never happened; things I didn't worry about, did happen! So I have learned to "let go" because so many things are out of our control-and worrying just wastes time that could be shared with someone you love.

But what I still don't know ~ why I am happy even after realizing that: "The toys of my youth" were just a set-up to create a mindset to perform those "womanly" jobs in the castle that were, in reality, so often, just simply exhausting; children do grow up despite the fact that "Betsy Wetsy" could be relegated to the shelf when I tired of playing with her; and  as old as the children become, they still need their (real) tears wiped once in a while, and I still change diapers (although they are the grand-children's now), and I still bake cookies and get excited over the new stove I bake them on?


HOPE YET TO DO: Hang one of of my pictures [The Blue Nude] next to Matisse's, and overhear someone say, "which one is the Matisse and which is the Comando?"

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