Jean De Garis Lindenberger".

1 Bainbridge Place Unit 104

Newburgh, NY 12550


Jean writes:

I think the thing that I enjoy doing the most is pastel painting.  I was lucky enough to travel to Ireland last June, where I took a course in painting landscapes.  I've sold some of my work so I guess you can call me a "pro".

My life changes all the time.  I go to  Desmond Campus, a part of Mount St. Mary College and take many different courses.  It is wonderful to learn about, history, pastels and movies simply because you are interest in them.

I think the thing I am most proud of is finding myself again.  I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.  I look forward to discovering new things almost everyday.

I have been to Europe 5 times and my favorite place is Tuscany.  It is magnificent.  Maybe I will be lucky enough to go back there one day and paint.

I think my favorite motto is BELIEVE.  My daughter-in-law gave me a standing plaque and it sits proudly on my mantle.  Just think about what that word means and the possibilities for us are endless.

I look forward to catching up on July 14.



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