Irving Reed

11025 SW 124 Ct.

Miami, FL  33186

Tele: #305-274-9558

Irving regrets that he will not make the 50th Reunion

Walking and Scrabble are Irving's favorite leisure activity.

The  biggest change in Irving's life since our last reunion is that he got  MARRIED - (First time)

His future hope of accomplishment is just waking up each morning!

His most proud accomplishment is writing a book on Scrabble, and of course, a happy place for Irving is a place for him at a Scrabble tournament.


His favorite novel is "On the Beach"; favorite movie is "Casablanca" and his favorite song is "Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" ('1962!)

His pet peeve is the overuse of cliches- e.g. "Awesome"

His favorite saying is - When any misunderstanding arises - "Call the Police!!"


For places of interest that Irving has been to:  Howe Caverns, Quebec City, Switzerland and Israel.



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