Harry Owen

 a/k/a   - email_soho1972@hotmail.com

  870 Scotchtown Collabar Rd. , Middletown , NY 10941



·       What is your favorite leisure activity?      Travel


·       How has your life changed since our last reunion?

     It has slowed so I can enjoy retirement


·       What would you still like to do or accomplish?

     Travel to Scandanavia


·       What did you accomplish that you are most proud?


·       Where is a happy place for you?

     Anywhere my wife is


·       What makes you happiest?

     Being with family


·       What is your favorite, novel, movie, or song?

     Johnny Mathis - "The Twelfth of Never"


·       Do you have any pet peeves?

     Listening to other people's phone conversations at the airport, and talking on a phone while   driving.


·       Do you have any favorite motto or saying?

     Semper Fidelis


·       What important message do you have for today’s youth or for senior citizens?

     Slow down and savor the moment - it's a short ride!


·       Name four places you have been to: states, countries, or places of interest.

     The Galapagos Islands, Australia , Ireland , Israel


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