Bruce Engelke



Married for 3 1/2 years to Anne

My home is in Congers, NY


OCCUPATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL:  Retired from Met Life Insurance Company;

original and main profession-vocal and instrumental music teacher


PET PEEVE: Those human beings who, by word and actions, profess to be

"Looking our for #1"!



and paraphrased from Gifted Hands-The Ben Carson Story by Ben Carson, M.D.)


T=Talent  Learn to recognize, accept and develop your God-given talents.

(Also =Time Learn its importance.)

H=Hope Anticipate good things; watch for them. (Also =Honesty Speaking the

truth [in love] makes life amazingly simple.)

I=Insight Remain open to understanding through the stories & circumstances

of others (as well as to Biblical truths).

N=Nice Be nice to all people. It takes less energy than its opposites and

relieves much tension.

K=Knowledge Knowledge is the key to independent living. [Attach it to

wisdom, the kindly application of knowledge.]


B=Books Participate through active learning. We develop our minds through

reading, thinking, and figuring things out for ourselves.

I=In-depth learning In-depth learners find that acquired knowledge becomes a

part of them. They keep building upon it.

G=God Never become too big for God. Keep Him at the center of your life.


FAVORITE SONG TITLE:  "Rocky Mountain High"-John Denver; "Time in a Bottle"



    Then ~  Thinking  that a college education, a good job, and a good

                marriage were the ultimate goals of life

    Now  ~  We do not have "forever" in this mortal life


MOST SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENT: Honorary Life Membership in The New York

State Congress of Parents and Teachers for my "great contribution to the well-being of children and youth" (February, 1986)


HOPE YET TO DO: "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

                                             Proverbs 16:9

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