Bob Benzie AKA




Married to Patty 

My home adress is: Bob Benzie, 320 Grand Pointe Dr., Garner, NC 27529


OCCUPATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL: I work counter sales at a lighting business.


PET PEEVE:  Drivers who don't use turn signals!


MOST  IMPORTANT  MESSAGE FOR TODAY'S YOUTH: You are our country's future. Please take us there without drugs.


FAVORITE SONG TITLE:  "Unchained Melody", "Time of My Life", "Sea Cruise"



    Then ~ The world was my oyster and I'd be forever young.   

   Now  ~  I should have studied harder


MOST SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENT:  I spent 20 years protecting our country in the Air Force.

HOPE YET TO DO: See the Grand Canyon

Just so we don't ever forget... during the planning of our reunion we followed happynews from Bob & Patty - and this was a note from the archive of the "Yakkin' Ewes" ..."(Editor's Note: Lillian just received an e-mail from Bob...he popped the question and Patti said, "Yes!" Congratulations, Bob! ...perhaps you will go to the Grand Canyon on your honeymoon?????)"

... and shortly after Bob and Patty were married and will live happily ever after!


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