Barbara Ann Hopper  Casalinuovo

 11 Blue Willow Lane , New City , NY l0956-2718




·       What is your favorite leisure activity? watching grandchildren, gardening, creating, painting, traveling, reading, music, especially walking 


·       How has your life changed since our last reunion? We've been empty nesters for quite some time now and it's fun to be retired, enjoying every day, gettingtogether with friends and giving of yourself to help others.


·       What would you still like to do or accomplish? Getting closer to GOD


·       What did you accomplish that you are most proud? Having raised and supported 7 children and they are all wonderful, caring and great kids.  They all love each other, enjoy each other and none are into alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, etc.  We are very blessed for that.


·       Where is a happy place for you? Anyplace that God puts me and HE is with me.


·       What makes you happiest?  Love and God's presence


·       What is your favorite, novel, movie, or song? Somewhere in Time, Fried Green Tomatoes, Joshua, so many to mentioned and still enjoy the music of our era.


·       Do you have any pet peeves? no


·       Do you have any favorite motto or saying? So many, but this one comes to mind, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission" (Eleanore Roosevelt ), and "Let Go and Let GOD"



     What important message do you have for today’s youth or for senior citizens?

Always put GOD in your day and trust in the Lord


·       Name four places you have been to: states, countries, or places of interest.

We have been to a number of places around the

country and the world.  France , Ireland , Israel ,

Switzerland , Hawaii , Italy .  My two favorities

are Israel (it is truly amazing to "walk in the

path of our Lord") and Switzerland which is one

of the most beautiful places we have been to.

We were very impressed by their culture and


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