Marilee Mescon

a/k /a

350 East 62nd St - Apt 2B

New York, NY 10065


Marilee's favorite leisure activity is reading.

Since our last reunion the hospital she working in was closed so Marilee had to develop new skills.

Marilee still wants to travel to places she has not been able to visit.

The accomplishment that she is most proud of is becoming a board certified physician in emergency medicine and internal medicine.

A happy place for her is home, and she is happiest traveling when she is on vacation.

Marilee's pet peeve is illiteracy and her favorite saying is "s--t flows downhill".

Messages to youth and elderly are: "I have been trying to answer this question for many years."

Four of the most interesting places that Marilee has visited are Antarctica, Iran, Zimbabwe and Chile/Argentina


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