Lillian (Schaffhauser) Patten

Sitting on the beach, sipping margaritas, watching the sunset.  After retiring from teaching in the North Rockland School District I have relocated to coastal North Carolina . Enjoying each moment, enjoying the journey. It has not taken long to learn this new way of life.

I relish the outdoors as the climate affords me the opportunity to spend hours gardening, swimming, and biking. Since becoming a Carolinian, tennis has been an integral part of my life.  I am most content being with my husband Bob, hitting tennis balls under the Carolina blue skies.  During our time on the coast I have enjoyed playing on several USTA teams.  With my husband as my partner, earning the title of Mixed Doubles State Champions was an exciting venture.

My artistic endeavors include dabbling in the mediums of oil paint, acrylics, watercolor, as well as colored pencils.  My art can be found in homes in Maine , New York , North Carolina , and Toronto .  My hope is to someday channel what I am learning into writing and illustrating a children's book.

I have been blessed with seven precious grandchildren.  How incredible it is to have them visit us by the ocean for weeks at a time. And when we are apart, technology keeps us connected.  With FaceTime, seeing and communicating with my grandchildren has become part of my daily ritual.

Enjoy the journey.  Frequently these words cross my mind.  Repeatedly I am reminded to find the joy that surrounds me.  Enjoying the journey while working through the challenges and finding solutions.

Be joyful.

Be happy.

Enjoy the journey.



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