Harry Owen

 a/k/a   - email_soho1972@hotmail.com

  870 Scotchtown Collabar Rd. , Middletown , NY 10941



'       What is your favorite leisure activity?      Travel


'       How has your life changed since our last reunion?

     It has slowed so I can enjoy retirement


'       What would you still like to do or accomplish?

     Travel to Scandanavia


'       What did you accomplish that you are most proud?


'       Where is a happy place for you?

     Anywhere my wife is


       What makes you happiest?

     Being with family


       What is your favorite, novel, movie, or song?

     Johnny Mathis - "The Twelfth of Never"


       Do you have any pet peeves?

     Listening to other people's phone conversations at the airport, and talking on a phone while   driving.


       Do you have any favorite motto or saying?

     Semper Fidelis


       What important message do you have for today's youth or for senior citizens?

     Slow down and savor the moment - it's a short ride!


       Name four places you have been to: states, countries, or places of interest.

     The Galapagos Islands, Australia , Ireland , Israel



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