CCHS  50th Reunion Bio



Richard R (Dick) Horton




14825 Aurea Lane

Oklahoma City, OK 73142


(H) 405-290-5613

(C) 405-229-9618

Favorite leisure activity

Snow skiing, Golf, Travel, Spending time with children and grandchildren.


How has life changed since last reunion?

Sold my Insurance Brokerage company to a public company, retired, then bought another company.


What would you still like to do or accomplish?

Not sure, but I will know it when I see it.

What did you accomplish that you are most proud of?

Raising money for underprivileged kids to play sports.

Insuring the Ryder Cup for the PGA.

Where is a happy place for you?

At our ranch in Duncan, OK, and/or skiing in Aspen

What makes you happiest?

Rhonda and our grandchildren!!


My favorite novel, movie, or song.

7 Habits by Stephen Covey

Do you have any pet peeves?

Not really

Do you have any favorite motto or saying?

Under promise, over deliver

What important message do you have for today’s youth or senior citizens?

There is a reason for the Golden Rule!!

Name four places of interest you have been to.

The Blue Train from Johannesburg to Cape Town

The Alpine Express in Switzerland

Heli-skiing in the Bugaboos

Diving the Blue Hole in Belize






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