Bob Benzie



adress: 320 Grand Pointe Dr .

            Garner , NC 27529

phone: 919-329-6110

leisure activity: Watching stock car racing

Since our last reunion: moved from VA to NC because Patty's son and wife were going to have her first Grandbaby. We now have 2 Grandsons.

do or accomplish: win lottery, give tithe to church, pay off bills, buy old & new Mustangs.

most proud: Spent 20 years in the Air Force protecting the rights & lives of all Americans

happy place: spending time with family & friends.

makes me happiest.: see above plus church activities.

favorite movie: "A Gathering of Eagles."

pet peeves: political campaigning on tv for months on end.

message for youth: Develop a strong work ethic early in life and see it through to retirement.

4 places I've been. Ireland , England , Denmark , New Mexico .




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