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The Yakking Ewes and Rams Two

  Gary Crahan

  Nicole deVarenne Crahan

 Elaine Wicks Daugherty

  Barbara Hopper Casalinuovo

  Linda Greenrose Comando

  Mary Higgins Hensey

  Richard Rodewald

  Lillian Schaffhauser Patten



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The  Reunion Committee may be reached by sending information to:

or call   Gary Crahan 386-986-3655

The committee made every effort to locate every graduate either by phone, email, or flyer through the mail.  We were pleased to find many unknown whereabouts of classmates, but unfortunately we still have an UNKNOWN list.  If you have any knowledge of where these classmates are, please let us know.

UNKNOWN :  Thomas Basile, Phyllis Bender (Paynter),  Judy Braun Clark, Edward Collins, Marilyn Ann Collins, Rochelle Crystal Brodsky, Eileen Daniels Godwin, Bruce Engelke (we may have found him),  Marilyn Joy Marshall, Michael McDonnell, Margie Wescott, Jean Writz or Dolan Mullen


We look forward to hearing from you.


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